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What problems do you encounter when selling eyelashes?

What problems do you encounter when selling eyelashes?

When you sell eyelashes, customers ask a variety of questions. Here are the professional answers to the questions customers often ask when purchasing eyelashes.

 Eyelash Packaging Vendor 

1. How many times can eyelashes be reused?

We are a professional eyelash vendors and lash packaging vendor.Our 100% mink eyelashes are handmade and belong to middle and high grade eyelash products. Because mink hair composition is close to human hair structure, it is softer, with natural wool and strong processability, so the product style is more three-dimensional and vivid, which fits people’s natural eyelashes. You can wash your used eyelashes with the right cleaning method. After scrubbing, no hair will fall off. They can be reused 15-20 times!

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25mm Mink Lashes

2. How to clean eyelashes?

Take off the eyelashes, soak them in warm water a little, and then use tweezers to basically clean the glue at the root. Then cover the root of the used 25mm lashes with the makeup remover cotton, and gently rub the root of the false eyelashes with the finger pulp. Then apply the cleaning product to the eyelashes, and then use the brush to brush along the radian of the eyelashes, so that the 25mm mink lashes can return to the original radian. Finally, dry the cleaned eyelashes and put them into the storage box.

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Lashes Packaging Box

Custom Eyelashes Boxes

Lash Box Packaging

3. Are eyelashes safe for people?

As professional lash vendor and eyelash packaging wholesale. Our mink eyelashes are made of natural mink hair, which is very safe and free of any chemicals.Our 3D mink eyelashes are curled through physical treatment and heat treatment. No chemicals will be used in the whole production process. Therefore, our eyelashes have no peculiar smell, which is absolutely safe for you.

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Custom Eyelash Packaging Box

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