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What Does 25MM Mean For Lashes?

What Does 25MM Mean For Lashes?

Pradalashes is the Best 3D Mink Eyelash Vendor and Custome Eyelash Packaging Manufacturer, which was established in 2005,we employ more than 200 skilled workers and designers, who specialized in top quality Best 3D Mink Eyelash. we have years of experience of OEM/ODM to supply you with custom eyelashes, private label and Private Label Eyelash Boxes and DIY Eyelash Packaging for you.

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Mm means millimeter, and usually the length of the eyelash is 16-20 millimeter , and that belongs Natural Lashes.This type of Eyelash belongs to short hair, especially suitable for workplace and formal occasions. Natual Lashes is very suitable for daily life. In order to display the charming and personality of the lovely woman , we push out 25MM Mink Eyelashes.

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25MM Mink Lashes are more and more popular in the lash market because they are very long and fluffy with charming appearance. When you shop the lashes, you may have some questions of lashes . Like what does 25mm mean in lashes? What are 25mm mink lashes?

Here you can find the answer of it.

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25MM Mink Lashes sell well among all our mink eyelashes series. they can help you to achieve dramatic looking. This range series is very suitable for evening events and parties. Mink Lash Vendor Pradalashes conclude the most fashionabe and sell well lashes styles. Wholesale 25MM Eyelashes bulk, price would be more favorable.

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