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How to test the quality of eyelash packaging?

How to test the quality of eyelash packaging?

How to attract consumers’ attention quickly? Let your products have a profound impact on consumers. Many large companies have already given the answer. That is to use custom eyelash packaging to let consumers remember. Custom Lash Packaging with a brand name and logo will help you attract more customers. But also to ensure the quality of packaging, the following is the method of testing the quality of  Packaging Box.《/why-choose-annasui-custom-lip-gloss-tubes-with-your-logo/》

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1. Whether there is pattern blur and color difference in printing.

Because the process used in some factories can’t meet the printing standard, the printed box will have color error with the design drawing. Some of them will even blur your design. So when you see the design, you can ask the Eyelash Vendors to send some printed box cases. The video of the box is the best way to show the appearance of the box.

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2. Check whether the box corners are glued or there is glue overflow.

While designing a beautiful logo for the box you choose, the quality of the box is also very important. If the box is not glued firmly, it will affect the use of consumers, and of course, it will bring you some trouble. If the produced box overflows with glue, it will also affect the appearance of the box. So you have to confirm this with the eyelash vendors.

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3. Check whether the logo of the box is easy to fall off.

Because some Mink Lash Vendors use poor quality raw materials to make boxes. So the logo and brand name printed on the box will fall off in the friction. This is what happened to many customers after the low-quality eyelasher customized the box. When you have selected lashes vendors, you can ask them to provide you with customer feedback. This will protect your interests.《how-to-create-your-own-eyelash-packaging-boxe》

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