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How To Choose Eyelash Glue?

How To Choose Eyeliner Glue?

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Eyeliner Glue Wholesale

There are more and more people with eyelashes, but as an auxiliary tool for eyelashes, eyeliner glue is also becoming more and more important. There are many cheap eyelash glues on the market, but the ingredients of these glues are not known to the human body. It is harmful. After all, the glue sticks to the eyes. The eyes are very fragile. Therefore, when using eyelash accessories, you must choose eyelash glue produced by a regular manufacturer. Most of the glue contains latex. This ingredient is Carcinogenic and harmful to the human body. But Prada Eyelash Vendor can assure you that our glues are all latex-free.

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Eyelash Glue Wholesale

There are also tricks in choosing the color of eyelash glue. Most of the glue colors on the market are divided into white and black, but I recommend white glue. First of all, black glue is extracted from white glue, although black glue is also Very sticky, but white glue is better in terms of purity. If you want to use black glue as eyeliner, you can use eyeliner instead. After the white glue dries, it will become transparent, making your eyelashes look. It’s more natural, no black background.

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