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How To Care For Your Mink Eyelashes!

How To Care For Your Mink Eyelashes!

Pradalashes is a Wholesale Eyelash Vendors and Custom Eyelash Packaging vendor in China.We have our own factory and warehouse.We specialize in handmade 3D mink hair, including 25mm Mink Lashes, 16mm mink eyelashes, 20mm mink eyelashes & 22mm mink eyelashes.We also produce custom lash cases, glue and tweezers.If you are looking for reliable eyelash vendors, we are the best choice!

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Many Girls are confused how to clean eyelash. First of all, daily cleaning is essential. Many times when you remove your makeup, you will stick liquid foundation or eye shadow and glue on your eyelashes. If you don’t clean it in time, it will greatly damage the life of your eyelashes, and the residual bacteria may also be your eye allergy infection.

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When you clean your eyelashes and dry them in time, pay attention to comb your eyelashes carefully with a small brush, which will keep your eyelashes intact and not easy to deform. If you buy our eyelashes and boxes, our company will give you a small brush for free as a gift, so you don’t need to worry about not having a brush

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Finally, when you clean your eyelashes, be sure to put them back into the box in time. Eyelashes are really cute because they are sticky. They may stick to your clothes and lose them

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