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Do You Like Fluffy Eyelashes ?

Do You Like Fluffy Eyelashes ?

We are a professional Mink Lash Vendors and Eyelash Packaing, we provide 16mm, 20mm, 22mm and 25mm eyelashes. Our eyelashes are all made from the tail hair of Siberian mink. And only this part of the hair meets the standard of luxurious mink eyelashes. Because this part of the hair is very close to the structure of human eyelashes. From the root to the tail of the eyelashes, the characteristics are from thick to thin. So in this respect, this is unmatched by other types of eyelashes. And mink eyelashes are the softest of all eyelashes.《What are 13mm Mink Lashes,How To Wholesale13mm Mink Lashes?》

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I know that many people like natural eyelash styles because they are very natural and very suitable for daily makeup. But there are also many who like more fluffy eyelashes, so we have made some new eyelash styles according to the requirements of more customers, and added fluffy eyelash styles on the basis of keeping the original best-selling styles. The fluffy eyelash style is more lively than other styles. It is also more suitable for young people.

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5D eyelashes are a new series of eyelashes that we selected some popular styles based on the original 25mm eyelash styles. More curled than the original. It is also to enrich our eyelash line and satisfy more customers. 5D eyelashes are made of the same material as 3D eyelashes, and they are made of Siberian mink hair. So don’t worry about the quality, it is the same quality as our previous 25mm eyelashes. So you can try them boldly. As a professional Eyelash Vendors, we are also committed to providing you with more beautiful and popular eyelash styles.

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